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That Builds Confidence, Gives Clarity, and Nurtures Teamwork

Yolanda Fredrickson, ICCE, FLE, CD
Childbirth & Family Life Educator
Professional Birth Doula

Replacing Fear with Confidence!

Does this sound like you…

You are getting ready for your new arrival. Trying to learn what you need to know about this growing baby and at some point it really hits you ….this baby has got to come out. Ouch!

You think “How am I supposed birth a baby?” The 1:00 am googling begins… There is SOOO much information out there… and some of it is downright terrifying. Then you find all the lists! So many things to get ready SO you’re supposed to have a birth plan … and a birth support person … and know about all the options!

You want to be ready. You crave a safe and beautiful birth experience.
You are eager to learn!

If you have read this far... stay with me.
I get it.

What if you could...

Our Services

Couple holding a positive pregnancy test

Comprehensive Childbirth Class

We are dedicated to bring families high quality and evidence based information that they can count on when it matters most.

“Benefits of prenatal education classes have included increased confidence for labor and birth among women who attended prenatal classes, higher likelihood of breastfeeding, improved communication between childbearing women and their maternity care providers, decreased need for analgesic medication in labor, and increased satisfaction with birth” (Chalmers & Kingston, 2009; Enkin et al., 2000).

Doula Support

A doula provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth.

As a doula, I can ease your discomfort, support you and your partner in having a beautiful experience and promote communication between you and your medical team.

I trust your ability to birth and respect your right to make whatever decisions you decide are best for your family.

Postpartum Support Class

Our classes help you make the most of your support system and give you a safe place to talk about the challenges you face during this incredible transition.

Postpartum is the time after giving birth. During this this time support is critical to the family success. Support can come from family, friends, community, counselors, and medical providers.

“By providing the necessary education to women and their partners, they can recognize the early signs and symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD). Classes can also increase a woman’s understanding of how to meet her own needs [with the help of her support system]. This approach can improve a woman’s overall state of mental wellness and possibly prevent or lessen the experience of PPD.” (Dennis CL, Can J Psychiatry. 2004 Aug; 49(8):526-38)

Transition to Parenting Class

Our parenting classes help you feel more confident in your new skills. You will learn evidence based ways to support your growing baby and stay strong as a couple and as a family.

Once baby arrives parents are busy learning how to care for a new baby, recovering from birth, helping siblings adjust, and trying to get some sleep!

Come join us for a parent class or retreat to relax and learn together.

Couple Holding a Baby

See what our clients are saying...

Yolanda and AJ were incredible teachers. I was able to feel comfortable and confident delivering my child naturally, without interventions. I loved that they educated on the various options and helped me decide what would be best for our family without judgement. They were always available to answer any questions both during pregnancy and postpartum. I could not say enough good things about them! Highly recommend Aware Birth and Beyond
Yolanda and Andrew Fredrickson

About Us

Hi, I’m Yolanda. I’m a mom of 4, certified childbirth educator, doula, and family life educator. 

When I gave birth to my first child,  I had a wonderful unmedicated birth at a birth center with AJ, my husband/birth coach, at my side. Birth was so much work, but so empowering! 

In 2017 I finished my Bachelors degree in family studies with a minor in psychology. 

AJ and I then trained together to teach childbirth classes and I trained as a doula. I am certified as a ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator & Certified Family Life Educator- Provisional

At Aware Birth and Beyond, we help couples become aware of their options at birth and into parenthood.

We LOVE to see couples become stronger teams as they prepare for parenthood together. 

I want to help you apply what you already know, along with the new concepts and practical skills to make your birth and growing family the best it can be.

You already have it within you.

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Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.